Starting a Property Project


Step 1
Produce a Mission Plan?

The Evangelism and Growth team have produced a Mission Planning Toolkit with resources to help churches, circuits and districts write a mission plan.? The toolkit can be found here. ?

As part of this process, a Property Development Mission Plan should be completed.? This template will help trustees to conduct of thorough evaluation for the potential uses for the property within Methodist ownership.? Once completed, a copy of the Property Development Mission Plan should be to the District Property Secretary. ?

We are currently creating a step-by-step guide for managing development projects within the Methodist church.? However, in the? meantime, the Church of England have created a toolkit called Crossing the Threshold,? which has been developed collaboratively with organisations such as? All Churches Trust,? National Churches Trust and? Historic Religious Building Alliance. ?

Please note that this document is written from an Anglican point of view and therefore, there will be several differences especially in regards to governance.?

You can download the whole toolkit in PDF format here: Crossing the Threshold Toolkit.
Alternatively, you can download the chapters individually:

For further questions specific to Methodist Church buildings, please email the Property Support Officer on? ?

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